Amandah Wood on authentic storytelling and doing the work you love

Episode Summary

Welcome to episode four of DN FM. Through interviews, news and Office Hours community segments, DN FM aims to spark a meaningful conversation on design.

Episode Notes

Amandah Wood joins us to talk about Ways we Work, her publication that deep-dives into how people do work they love. Amandah shares her experiences encouraging candid and open storytelling, and finding exactly what makes people tick.

Amandah is a writer, editor and extremely curious person. She's the founder of Ways we Work where she interviews people and teams about how they do meaningful work.

Community Announcements

###Upcoming Meetups:
Toronto is coming up September 15

Boston is going down September 8

London is happening September 29

##Featured Jobs
Grabble needs a UI/UX Designer in London

Huddle is looking for a Senior Designer in Sydney

Chegg needs a Lead UX Designer in Santa Clara

Episode Highlights

###Top Stories:
The Design Team: A new comic series by illustrator Pablo Stanley that follows the story of Junior Designer who just moved to SF to join a startup. The comic pokes fun at the tech world, and the quirky design culture in the middle of it. . First few series available at thedesignteam.io.

Nextdoor Cuts Racist Posts by 75%: Neighbourhood social media site Nextdoor experienced an abundance of racial profiling, so they actually added friction to the user, which in-turn reduced racists post by 75%.

Pattern, UX Sketching App: One of the most upvoted stories this past week, as users were excited by the product video... However some people expressed concern over the app's stability.

Mozilla Open Design Logo Concepts: Mozilla is modernizing their brand identity. 'Open sourced' and 'transparency' are core values of their democratized web, so they are using an 'Open Design' process for this new branding. This doesn't mean crowdsourced, or voting, but letting people weigh in with their feedback.

Introducing Amandah and Ways We Work (9:20)

How being an introvert pushed Amandah to launch her site (10:25)

Evolution of Ways We Work and finding Matt Quinn (14:40)

How Amandah picks subjects (16:50)

The secret to loving your job (20:10)

The interviewing experience and process (21:40)

Encouraging vulnerability, and extracting candid and open stories (29:03)

What makes an interview interesting (30:30)

Writing and reflection (32:30)

Amandah’s interview rolemodels (33:50)

Predictions for the future of publishing (34:45)

What’s next for Ways We Work (36:30)


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