Linda Liukas on teaching children how to program by sparking their curiosity

Episode Summary

This is episode nine of DN FM. Through interviews, news and community segments, DN FM aims to spark a meaningful conversation on design.

Episode Notes

Linda Liukas, thinks the key to helping children learn is to spark their curiosity. Linda is the author and illustrator behind Hello Ruby, a series of children’s books about technology. She’s also the co-founder of Rails Girls, a community designed to help women understand technology.

How do we teach children how to program? There are many different theories on this important investment in our future.

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Episode Highlights

2:30: Introduction: Why Linda focuses her education on children, and how they can positively impact adults as well. Linda also tells us about her educational and professional background.

4:50: How Hello Ruby came to be, from conception to funding to final publishing. Linda also discusses how she came up with the story, the exercises and the final illustrations.

11:00: Information on Linda’s second book: What was easier this time around, and what this second project will be about.

17:30: Why technology is as much of an art as it is a science, and why programming is a tool rather than simply a process.

18:30: How Linda explains coding to children in simple language and what she hopes kids can take away from her books.

22:00: What the future look like for Linda’s books and upcoming projects.

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