Rachel Andrew on frameworks, layouts, and her humble CMS project going big

Episode Summary

Welcome to episode six of DN FM. Through interviews, news and Office Hours community segments, DN FM aims to spark a meaningful conversation on design.

Episode Notes

Rachel Andrew joins us this week to reflect on how the web's influence grew on her in the early days, and how this manifested into full-fledged web development - a magic skill set at the time. Then Rachel dwells on web frameworks and their implications for web standards and layouts. She muses about obligations for the development community to advocate for their interests, and the story of a humble CMS project turning big. Finally, she explores how the client landscape in today's web dev world is shifting and becoming commoditized.

Rachel is a developer, speaker, author, and founder of Perch, a friendly CMS client.


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Community Announcements

In addition to the badge sorting options we added last week, there is a new Submit Story flow that makes posting easier. As always, reach out to Jody if you run into any trouble or have feedback.

Featured Listings

Sprout Video is looking for a Creative Director in Brooklyn

Weebly needs a Design Manager in San Francisco

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San Francisco is coming up October 20 - stay tuned for more details.

###Featured Jobs
Weebly needs a Design Manager in San Francisco

Episode Highlights

Leaving the world of theater and dance (3:30)

How buying her first computer opened up a new career for Rachel (4:10)

Writing about the Web and nailing first client-gigs (5:45)

Creating, building, and curiosity-driven programming (7:36)

What about CSS is so exciting? (8:55)

CSS frameworks and web developments (11:15)

Relying on frameworks and implications for the web (12:50)

Pushing for better standards (14:25)

Launching and marketing Perch (16:15)

Transitioning from a studio to a product company (19:20)

Why traditional design companies are pitching more web products (23:10)

The balancing act of sharing free resources and making revenue from projects (from The High Price of Free) (25:00)


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