Tim Van Damme on the stories behind his prolific design gigs

Episode Summary

Welcome to episode five of DN FM. Through interviews, news and Office Hours community segments, DN FM aims to spark a meaningful conversation on design.

Episode Notes

Tim Van Damme is on the show this week to share the stories behind his prolific design gigs. He takes us back to his freelance roots in Belgium and big move to America where he kicks off a series of high profile design roles. Tim reflects on the design industry as a whole, recognizing the culture of sharing that was so formative in his early years as an up and comer. He also teases us about the new star studded project Abstract, and uncovers his mysterious alter alias Max Voltar.

Tim is a Belgian designer working on Abstract, a new tool for for design teams. His past roles include Gowalla, Dropbox and Instagram.

Community Announcements

New story sorting options: Jody has been hard at work to provide more sorting options for stories - you can filter by Top Stories (week/month/year) and by Badge Type. You're encouraged to hit up Jody directly if you have feedback or run into bugs!

###Upcoming Meetups:
San Francisco is going down October 20

###Featured Jobs
Sprout Video needs a Lead UI/UX Designer in New York

Episode Highlights

Why embark on project Abstract? (2:40)

Making the move from Belgium to America (5:50)

Working at Gowalla, and the Facebook acquisition (9:00)

Joining Instagram (11:25)

Cold emailing design influencers (12:20)

First projects at Instagram (14:20)

Tim's second experience with Facebook buying out his company (15:55)

Moving on to the Dropbox design team (18:40)

Lessons learned from working within a large design organization (20:10)

Projects at Dropbox (22:30)

A culture of sharing and giving back to the design community (25:50)

Who is Max Voltar? (29:20)


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